“And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.” Acts 2:47

True life alliance church has an open-door policy.  Come as you are.  In order to evangelize, we have to love unconditionally.  Part of our mission is to reach out to the lost.  To bring those who are lost to the Kingdom of God.  To be able to spread the gospel as far and as wide as possible.  God is always at work in the world and He wants you to join Him and share His love.  He gives us this opportunity to participate in His greatest and most diverse cause and that’s His kingdom.  This is His mission for us.

True Life Alliance Church been blessed with several members who’s travelled overseas for mission work.  

  • July of 2018, some of the young adults travelled to Southeast Asia for various mission work for two weeks.
  • December of 2018, a team travelled to Thailand for three weeks.  They were able to have vacation bible school and gave gifts for Christmas.
  • July of 2019, another team travelled to Mexico to deliver the word of God.  During the same time, another team travelled to various parts of Southeast Asia to deliver the word of God.  

Currently, True Life Alliance Church has established a campus in Tulsa, Oklahoma and also in Thailand.  The pastors leading these churches were trained and originally are from the home base church in Hickory, North Carolina.