“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” Ephesians 2:10

Another way for church families to bond is through ministry.  When we become a Christian, salvation and hope for eternity is given to us by God.  God gives us the opportunity to serve others and make a difference in the community.  When you are able to serve in Jesus’ name, you are ministering.  This is also a way for small groups to serve other small groups.  In addition, we believe that every person has a special gift.  With this special gift, we encourage every person to use their gift to serve others.  At True Life Alliance Church, we have different ministries that specialize in different areas to serve the community and also within the church. 

  • Sowing Hope Ministry- Focuses on senior citizens.
  • Light Ministry- Provides and finds funding for overseas church campus.  
  • Personal Care Ministry- Offers free haircuts during special events throughout the year.
  • Tree Cutting Ministry- Offers free services to cut and remove trees.
  • Welcome Ministry- Welcome, follow-up, and invites guests back to church.
  • Resource Center Ministry- Literature on current and past champaigns, membership classes, and small group information.
  • Worship ministry- Leads church services, events, and gatherings into praise.

Along with the various ministries, True Life Alliance Church also focuses on individual self-growth.

  • True Life Kids Ministry- Future young generations.
  • Soul Purpose Youth Ministry- Focuses on pre-teens to teenagers.
  • Young Adult Ministry- For single individuals 18 years old and older.
  • English Speaking Ministry- Married English speaking couples.
  • Hmong Speaking Ministry- Married Hmong speaking couples.