Mexico Youth Outreach

Summer 2019

About the Mission

For the past two decades, God has used 4 Christ Mission (4CM) to spark revival, train Christian leaders, and mobilize the youth. Most of this has happened through short-term mission trips to Latin America. In 2015, God answered a prayer that our ministry has long prayed— God opened the door for even more outreach in Mexico. With hearts full of faith, vision teams from 4CM began to venture into this region, where God has been incredibly faithful to demonstrate his love and power through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Partnering with local churches and ministries in several nations, God has used our ministry to spark revival, provide medical care, and establish long-term relationships. It has been an enormous honor and joy to witness what the Holy Spirit is doing amongst the various people groups of Mexico.

It is our greatest hope to play a part in taking the gospel to all the nations, proclaiming His love throughout the world, until Jesus’ return. It is with this dream that we invite you to join us on our short-term mission trip to Mexico. We hope you can join us in witnessing and participating in what the living God is doing in these nations!

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise up followers of Jesus who seek after his heart by pursuing the great commission through fulfilling the great commandment. We believe the greatest way we can love Him is to love His people, and the greatest way we can love his people is to share the great news of a great Gospel with them. Our ultimate goal: God’s glory. We hope to make our ultimate joy in making Him known and to raise up people who will share in that same joy.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see a movement of Spirit filled young adults who will be relentless to fulfill the great commission into the nations.


James Vang

Kaesie Vang

Cristal Xiong

Khamsook Vang

James Kong

Barbara Thao

Mario Xiong

Vamua Xiong

Bridget Moua

Destiny Thao

Nue Cheng

Nicoles Vue

Angela Thor

Lupheng Yang

Natasha Xiong

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