Event Reservation Request

Guidelines and Rules for Facility Usage

These rules and guidelines are for the sole purpose concerning the use of all facilities and properties belonging to True Life Alliance Church. Reservation is not guaranteed. True Life Alliance Church reserves the right to decline a reservation for any reason or cancel a reservation due to emergencies or circumstances beyond our control. Download a copy of these guidelines and rules.


  • All events both church-sponsored and personal must be requested and approved.
  • Church facilities are available to members only.
  • Reservations are based upon availability. Ensure the date requested is available by viewing the events calendar.
  • Reservation requests must be completed through the church website.
  • No redecorating of the main chapel stage until after 10:30 am on Saturdays.


  • Main Chapel – Accommodates about 350 people. Can be used for meetings, classes, weddings, or other gatherings.
  • Fellowship Hall – Accommodates about 125 people. Can be used for meetings, classes, dining, and other gatherings.
  • Green Building – Accommodates about 25 people. Can be used for meetings, classes, or other gatherings.
  • Kitchen – Refrigerators and freezers are available for food storage. Stove can be used for warming and light cooking only (less than 50 people). For larger events, all cooking must be done outdoor using outdoor cookers.
  • Nursery – It is the responsibility of the host to staff workers and to ensure that the rooms are cleaned and put back in order.

Facility Rules

All events using True Life Alliance Church facilities must follow the rules below. Additional rules may be defined at the discretion of the governing board, pastors, and church leaders. All rules apply to every person on True Life Alliance Church property. TLC property includes inside and outside of each building, parking lot, and all areas owned by TLC.

  • NO Smoking, including e-cigarettes, vaping, and other tobacco products on TLC property.
  • NO Alcoholic Beverage consumption on TLC property.
  • NO Animistic Activities, including Funeral, Chanting, Animal Sacrifice, String Tying (Kig Teg), Spirit Calling (Hu Plig), or other activities forbidden by TLC.
  • NO Buying, Selling, or Promoting of Goods or Services, except Fundraising for church ministries
  • NO Gambling, including Bingo and other card games on TLC property.
  • NO Political Meeting or Promoting, including displaying of posters, banners, cards, or pins unless approved by governing board.
  • NO Dancing or Performance Entertainment.
  • All musical songs and playlists for weddings and celebrations must be approved in advance. Please submit your songs or playlist to the worship pastor prior to the event.

For more information, contact Niam Nyiajfwm Lis at 980-428-1778 or niamjerry_lee@yahoo.com.