Soul Purpose (Youth)

     Soul Purpose is our youth program here at True Life Alliance Church. We gather together every Friday, 6pm-10pm, to worship our Lord Jesus together. Our purpose is to help teenagers (12yrs old-18yrs old/6th-12th grade) balance the five purposes found in Scripture so that we can be obedient to and work towards fulfilling the great commandment and great commission (Mt. 22:36-40; Mt. 28:18-20). We seek to cultivate an atmosphere where we can have genuine fellowship with one another over food, activities and simply being in each other’s presence; we worship Jesus through singing songs of praise together; and we listen to and receive God’s word for our lives. We also have small group time where the youth split into their own small groups to discuss the message, to share with one another their joy, their pain and their struggles, and ultimately to practice living life together as brothers and sisters in the family of God. Throughout the week we our youth small groups also seek to find opportunities to fellowship with each other, to serve the church and the community, and to also find opportunities to evangelize and share the gospel to others.

Here at Soul Purpose, our vision is ultimately to help teens find their identity in Christ so that they can fulfill their destinies in Christ. We are convinced that it is through the supernatural encounter with Jesus Christ, through the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit, that we can be transformed into his likeness through the renewing of our minds (Rom. 12:1-2) and as we abide in this intimate loving relationship with the Father, we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to go forth on our kingdom mission to seek and save the lost for the glory of Jesus.