About Us

Who We Are

True Life Alliance Church is a Hmong American church located in Hickory, NC. We began in 2010 with only 10 families and the intention of forsaking traditionalism, in favor of living a true and authentic life for God. As we continued to seek the Lord in all that we did, God continued to bless our church with many opportunities to pour out His love onto our community. Through this, we were able to see God move throughout the Hmong community within the city of Hickory.

Starting with only 10 families, God has blessed to True Life to become a church with multiple churches in Albemarle NC, Tulsa OK and many regions within Laos and Thailand.

Here at True Life Church, we believe that church isn’t a Sunday thing, but a family that carries one another’s burden. We don’t believe that church is an organization in which traditions are upheld and carried, but a house of worship where the transformation happens within the hearts of the believers.

Our Motto

Bring them in. Build them up.

Train them for. Send them out.​

Our Purpose

To Seek and Save the Lost.

True Life Church exists to lead the church to
worship God as it has been taught in scripture
in order to bring true believers
to fellowship as God’s family
and to disciple them to be like Christ
so that they will be equipped to do the ministry
that God created them to do
and they will be sent out to reach the lost.

Transform into Christ-likeness

As we grow deeper in our faith with God, we start to desire what God desires.

Reach out to the Lost

One of our greatest privileges as Christians to go and make disciples, to seek the lost and bring them to an understanding of Jesus.

Ultimate Small Groups

Small groups are the heartbeat of the church. Through small groups, we are able to do life with one another and experience God as it is told in Acts 2.

Every Member a Minister

We believe the same Holy Spirit that empowers the disciples to cast out demons is the same Holy Spirit that lives within us today. 

Living a purpose-driven life.

We believe that God has a placed every single person with a purpose. 

Illuminating Christ to community

Just as Jesus loved and dedicated himself to the community, we believe we have the same calling.

Function with love, not rules

The church is a family of believers, not a corporation. 

Exultant Leadership

Ministry is not a chore but a blessing from God. Our desire for our leaders is that they serve from an overflow stemming from God’s goodness in their lives.

Come worship with us!